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Our goal is to provide pageant contestants and young contestants’ mothers with the information needed to make the best decisions, from choosing which Michigan pageant to enter to deciding how and where to find the right pageant dress. Learn about the value of participating in scholarship pageants, how pageant coaching can help contestants make a lasting impression and get answers to most commonly asked pageant attire questions.

We’ve also compiled a comprehensive list of key Michigan’s pageant events, including all qualifying Miss Michigan America, Miss Michigan USA and Blossomtime events.

What is the value of participating in scholarship and beauty pageants?

Prominent educators and business leaders alike agree that the “teaching of social skills” is largely lacking in our education system today. Our grandmothers called these skills “social graces”; our mothers called these “manners”; today, they are most often referred to as “soft skills”.

Pageantry, especially scholarship-based pageants, revolve largely around mastering these soft skills, and can consequently become a springboard to a young woman’s success in her career and in life. Countless pageant contestants, whether they won the crown or not, have gone on to launch successful careers in acting, modeling, broadcasting and even legislature, and much of their success can be attributed to the skills and values they learned through pageantry. Becoming a pageant contestant is not just about winning a tiara!